Hue Salon Beauty Services


File and polish £20.00
File and polish Shellac £28.00
Shellac Removal Only £10.00
Mini nanicure £26.00
Full spa manicure 60 mins £34.00
CND Shellac Finish *+ £12.00


File and polish £25.00
Shellac Removal Only £15.00
Mini nanicure £32.00
Full spa predicure 75 mins £45.00
CND Shellac Finish *+ £12.00


Eyebrow threading £10.00
Eyebrow tint £10.00


Cranial Therapy 20 mins £25.00
Reiki / Massage 70 mins £85.00
Pregnancy 60 mins £65.00
Hot Stone Therapy 70 mins £80.00
Bamboo Therapy 60 mins £70.00
Holistic massage 60 mins £65.00
Reiki full Body 35 mins £50.00
Back Therapy 30 mins £45.00
Leg Therapy 30 mins £45.00
Pain Treatment as needed  

The Power of Essential oils

Cava Oil

Aloe Vera, Coconut and Cinnamon Oil

The antioxidant effect of the grape and the polyphenols of the cava, improves circulation by stimulating the formation of collagen, combats the aging processes of the skin and providing a very good nutrition. The oil has a calming effect on the skin, ideal for irritations, redness, etc..

The optimal mixture takes care of the skin and fights exhaustion and moisturizes while repairing the skin, ideal for punished and sensitive skin.

Lavender Oil

Cocoa Oil

The oil composition, reduces pain from tissue inflammation, prevents joint pain, avoids folliculitis and is highly recommended for relaxation body massages.

Description: 100% vegetable-based massage oil, contains in its composition lavender essential oil, as an active ingredient, which gives the mixture its excellent properties at different levels:

  • Relief of muscle tension.
  • Antiseptic and purifying.
  • Aromatherapy: soothing, refreshing and relaxing.

We use Cocoa Massage Oil for facial and body treatments, especially indicated for anti-cellulite, stimulant and firming treatments.

Cocoa massage oil with 100% cocoa essence.

The high caffeine content in chocolate stimulates circulation, allowing the blood to rejuvenate naturally. Antioxidants also give the skin a firmer feeling, helping to build the collagen and elastin cells.

It is regenerative and restorative, thus delaying aging. It has nutritive power and tensor effect. It has a hydrating and water retention capacity, which helps to compensate, among other factors, the action of the sun and air, atmospheric pollutants, etc. Help fight the "orange peel". Stimulates the release of endorphins.